All of our supplies have been donated by people like you.

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Every week, dozens of people come together to pack resource bags that include: water, beef jerky, potato chips, peanut butter packs, fruit snacks, socks, cookies, crackers, band aids, and other food and hygiene necessities (toothbrushes, Q-tips, hand sanitizer, etc.) and info on how to get off the street.

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“On Friday and Saturday nights, the homeless kids who hang out on Hollywood Boulevard can make between $90-200 because of all the tourists.  Those kids actually want help. They see the potential for money to be made there.  They then use the money to get a hotel room or hostel.  The people not on the Boulevard, like on Cahuenga Boulevard for instance, are mostly using the money for drugs.  So I decided to focus on the people who actually wanted help.” – Nancy Jundi, Founder of Human Too


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Because of people like you we are able to reach nearly 100 people a week with the message that they are valued and that there’s hope. We’re able to provide nourishment, hygiene items, information on ways off the street and an ear to listen.



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